Golf Course Opens April 24 w/ Restrictions & Updates

Valued Members, Customers, Employees, and entire Creeks Family,

Insurance Claim Update:

It has been 9 months and two days since the tornado struck our property. The insurance claim is still open. We have received some payments from our insurance carrier, but it is far less than the amount we turned in for proof of loss.

We are hopeful that this insurance claim will be closed soon. And when the final insurance payments are made, we will spend the money on fixing the property damage. Hopefully, justice prevails, and we receive the necessary funds to fix the damage.

Golf Course Re-Opening Outlook:

Until this insurance claim is closed and we receive full payments due to us, we will be unable to open the golf course to full capacity. Bridges are still compromised for the use of golf carts, the clubhouse, maintenance facility and event barn all need serious repairs. Irrigation damage still needs repair. Equipment still needs to be fixed or replaced. Turf damage, uprooted trees, and cart path damage all still need to be addressed. All these things require a substantial amount of money to repair. Therefore, our future is still very uncertain. This claim is holding up any significant activity to reopen this golf course to full capacities.

COVID-19 Golf Course Temporary Restrictions – The Creeks will OPEN TEMPORARILY:

As you are all probably well aware, Governor Evers has allowed golf courses to re-open starting this Friday, April 24 with limited capacities and specific restrictions (click here for more details).  Ironically, given the time of year and the extremely limited amount of turf maintenance required, The Creeks can open with these very limiting restrictions (closed clubhouse, no F&B, walking only, etc…). However, regardless of when Governor Evers lifts these restrictions, The Creeks at Ivy Acres will be unable to re-open at full capacity until the beforementioned repairs are performed.

Please be aware there are uprooted trees, fallen trees and damage turf areas that will impact playing conditions.  Use caution in and around these areas. There is one bridge that is completely impassable, and it will be roped off. An alternate walking route will be marked out. Other bridges are structurally sound for walking traffic, but weight restrictions have been placed on these bridges until repairs are made.

Use these following guidelines to play The Creeks with RESTRICTIONS:

  1. All play will begin on #10 (Back 9). We are doing this to accommodate those wishing to play only 9 holes. The back 9 is a much more walking friendly 9.
  2. Online tee times are mandatory for access to play the golf course. Anyone on the property without first reserving an online tee time will be trespassing (Click Here to Reserve an Online Tee Time).
  3. Credit Card payments will be required during the online booking procedure. If you are trying to book a foursome, the one person booking the tee time will need to pay for the group in full and playing partners can settle payments personally. Otherwise, each player can book a single tee time slot separately on the same tee time, therefore allowing each player to pay separately.
  4. Due to these extenuating circumstances and a non-staffed temporary business model, we will be unable to accept certificates or coupons. We will still be extending these expiration dates once we return to normal operations.
  5. Volunteer friends and family of The Creeks will be verifying payments with groups during your round. You will be required to produce a receipt. If you are unable to provide proof of payment you will be required to leave the property and we will report you to authorities. You will also be unable to play The Creeks again until paying a $500 fine.
  6. The clubhouse will be closed and off limits. No restrooms will be available on the premise. No staff will be present for phone calls. The limited turf maintenance being performed will be done by volunteers. Please set your expectations accordingly.
  7. Given the expectations being set, we have decided to set our prices accordingly. Walking rates from April 24 through May 25 will be $10 for 9 holes and $20 for 18 holes (tax not included). Rates after Memorial Day are To Be Determined and tee times will be temporarily unavailable after Memorial Day.


Owners of The Creeks at Ivy Acres

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